Swine Flu in Himachal Pradesh : First Death by Swine Flu in Himachal

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Swine Flu in Himachal Pradesh : First Death by Swine Flu – The deadly virus of swine flu unleashed its terror in the entire town of Himachal Pradesh. This virus is solemnly contagious in nature.  It is spreading rapidly. Whosoever gets trapped in its clutches does not come out alive. This virus has subjected people to undergo a terrific terror. This perilous disease has not even spared the land of deities’ infact.

Since Tuesday 20 death cases from swine flu have been reported in the state and the first swine flu death of the current winter has been coming into limelight in the state since yesterday i.e. Friday. It is a death of 32 year old woman who was working as a laborer at a nearby resort and basically hailed from Birth. She was admitted in Indira Gandhi Medical College hospital and took his last breath here only.

swine flu in himachal pradesh
swine flu in himachal pradesh

Earlier Chief minister Virbhadra Singh had directed the health department to take extra precautionary measures in dealing with cases of swine flu. He said that there was no need to panic and the state government was monitoring the situation regularly. The CM said that government hospitals were fully equipped to deal with the situation. He appealed to the people to take doctor’s advice as soon as they analyze the symptoms of the disease.

“Directions have already been issued to all health institutions in the state to deal with such cases on priority,” he added. He said that a special awareness campaign to educate the masses was being carried out and special arrangements had been made at all prominent religious places. But inspite of all these measures the danger is still prevailing in the country. It can be prevented from individual measures only and one needs to be proactive here as soon as possible.

Sonia Pahwa, Kangra

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