पहाड़ी लड़कियों के बारे में कुछ जानने योग्य बातें : Facts About Pahadi Girl

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Written By : Anoop Bhandari,Sunder Nagar, Mandi

Few weeks back we told you something about the “Top Facts About Being Pahadi” and today we are going to share or tell you even more about Being Pahadi but in a different way. Today we are going to share the Top facts about pahadi girl.” We hope just you like the Facts about Being Pahadi in the same way you will like this Facts about Pahadi Girl too. We know there are many facts but we can’t share all but yes we do share some which are just amazing and you will definitely love them.

So here they (facts) are –

Top Facts About Pahadi Girl:

Red and Glossy Cheeks –facts about pahadi girl 1

This is something that you always want to have if you are a girl and you want it with your girlfriend if you are a boy. And for that the girls follow the makeup kits but believe it or not but this is the truth that Pahadi Girls hardly uses makeup kits as they are having the Red and Glossy Cheeks right from the birth and they don’t need those makeup kits. And this is one of the top facts about pahadi girl that will never let you take your eyes away from her cheeks.

Stick to her roots –facts about pahadi girl 9

This is another of the top facts about pahadi girl that she was, is and will always stick to her roots from where she belongs. She never hates to be called as Pahadan or Pahadi. Though she fight with you for her own identity which is her name for sure but yes deep inside she is always happy to be called as a Pahadi Girl. And that is what makes her the best girl in the entire universe as she never forgot her home her mother land whatever heights she reaches.

Fashionable with Good Management –facts about pahadi girl 4

Another top facts about pahadi girl is that she can never be taken for guaranteed that she will only wear suits and sarees only. She can be fashionable and bold too and with her fashionable instincts she can bowled you out when you look her beauty to be as pure as mothernature. And this won’t cost you too much to buy her some precious dresses as she is a girl who can handle the low price management pretty well.

Best Drivers –facts about pahadi girl 7

Just like the drivers from the hilly areas, another facts about pahadi girl is that is she knows how to drive she will be the best girl driver that you ever saw as driving in the hilly areas like Himachal and Uttrakhand are pretty hard to drive and she knows how to deal with it quite easily.

Easy to Cheer and Understand –facts about pahadi girl 10

Top facts about pahadi girl includes the calm nature of pahadi girl as she is pretty easy to cheer once she got sad as she don’t need either expensive or even any sort of gifts from you what she needs is a true love and your time for the verbally talks for sometimes. This is what makes her the best girl to be both as friend and life partner too. She is pretty easy to understand too.

Independent and Innocent –facts about pahadi girl 6

A pahadi girl is always an innocent girl but that doesn’t means she can be easily taken for guaranteed as fool, never folks she is innocent but too god to understand the situation and in the same way she can be handle the situation of both feeding her family as independent or as a housewife too.

Nature Loving and Adventurous –facts about pahadi girl 3

If you are never saw the Himachal or Uttrakhand or any hilly place what I mean to say is that if you are never as close to mother nature as she is never mind she will take you out someday to that as she is pretty adventurous and a good guide too for the summer vacations to take you close to the mother nature. This is another one of the top facts about pahadi girl.

Romantic but not Demanding –facts about pahadi girl 2

If you think that a pahadi girl is all about a simple house wife without any sort of romance or blissfull life after marriage or after being into relationship then you are totally wrong one of the top facts about pahadi girl is that she is not demanding at all and is as romantic as you want her to be. As she is just like water and can take shape of any form whether romantic or serious.

A True Guide to Unseen Places –facts about pahadi girl 5

If you are visiting the Himachal or Uttrakhand or any of the place from where your Pahadi girl partner belongs then she can be a guide that you will never have in your entire life as she will take you to the places that you never seen before and they were never got mentioned in any of the travel guide too.

A Perfect Marriage Material –facts about pahadi girl 8

One of the top facts about pahadi girl is that she was, is and will always a perfect marriage material for you as she is having so many facts going her always as mentioned above and all these facts are enough to make her your dream girl for not only once but for all the lives that you are going to live.

So these are the Top 10 Facts About Pahadi Girl that you will love to know. Hope you like them and please comment below if you want to add something to this article. And also let us know what more you want us to write about Being Pahadi.


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